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Where is your target market hanging out?

Where is your target market hanging out?

Do you know who and where your target market is in cyberspace?  In order to attempt to develop an effective plan of action for social media marketing, a company must begin to identify its target markets. Our team at SE 360 marketing has a formula that will identify a company’s specific target markets.  From these, there will become segmented target markets.  Now we can begin to effectively identify, where said target markets are hanging out in cyberspace.  When we can identify where the target markets are hanging out, the path to social media success becomes illuminated.

Where are the hangouts?  Today in cyberspace, there are numerous places to hang out and chat about experiences, purchases, and business in general.  Trends are discussed in these various cyberspace hangouts.  The hangouts are different platforms that people choose to congregate on or at for different reasons.  Social media platforms are all the rage these days.  These platforms allow for consumers to navigate towards all of their personal favorite topics & people to observe and engage with.  The social media platforms most used for marketing are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  While these may be the general fan favorite, it does not mean they will always be the best platforms for every company.  Each individual company will have its own unique smart goals.  This will be the determining factor when deciding which platform hangouts to implement into a social media marketing campaign.

The company brand can now be broken down throughout its different operational departments.  These different departments can determine which platforms will best serve the company in its strategies.  Once a general platform strategy is established, each department can begin individual tactics within the platforms hangouts.  Each platform will be monitored for all feedback and suggestions.  Data can be collected to strengthen strategies and cross-reference against other cyberspace platform information.  The main platforms chosen will be used to run an original ongoing social media campaign, implementing a continuous update to strategies from new information.

SE 360 Marketing uses custom formatted questionnaires and focus groups, that help companies set up this foundational structure for social media marketing and branding across cyberspace.  We then can integrate a social media marketing plan into your social media marketing space.  Our definitive results come from the simplicity of the details.  The specific details we require about your brand make all the difference when creating successful strategies.  Your consumers are loyal for specific reasons.  The data necessary to grow is with your consumer.  We work with your consumers and build relationships.  We identify all hangouts.  We develop additional hangouts.  We conduct surveys in the hangouts.  We become the experts in the hangouts.  We monitor hangouts.  We follow the trends in the hangout.  We give away prizes and new model samples in the hangouts.  We listen in the hangouts.  We learn in the hangouts.  We address any concerns in the hangouts.  We explain and clarify in the hangouts.  We help resolve any issues in the hangouts.  We support cyber security in the hangouts. We implement emergency operations in the hangouts. We put out any fires in the hangouts.  We become the tools you need to succeed in the hangouts.  We become the brand in the hangouts.

This process will bring your company (what we call) a full SE360.  This is the process for full social media marketing integration.  We affectionately call this “Operation Lillee of The Valley”.  Now that marketing has taken a technological turn, new processes have to be developed.  Companies often struggle with integrating generalized marketing practices into an ever-evolving cyberspace/world.  Flexibility is key.  You can still utilize all forms of marketing, as long as you do this in addition to integrating into social media marketing as well.   Social media is a new trend that has proven effective in more ways than one.  Always keep an eye on the trends when marketing.  Marketing moves because of the trends.  Being able to create a definitive social media marketing path for your company (in cyberspace/world) is our expertise and our mission.   And since you are in a whole new world, maybe it’s time you found out where all the hangouts for your business are.  Perhaps it’s time to give your company a SE360 makeover.


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