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The shocking truth of hiring a SMM and it’s importance?

How much time do you have?  What kind of time do you really have to devote to the marketing department of your business when you are a small business owner?  Marketing has always been important, but now marketing has morphed into something different.  Social media has taken over and begun a new trend of marketing.  Algorithms, digital graphics, and viral content now rule the marketing airwaves.   Now that people have mobile device access, viewing anything and everything, at any given time, mobile marketing has now become king.

A social media manager is now one of the top tier positions in a company structure.  If it is not, then it should be.  A social media manager is someone that you want invested in the company.   This person will embody the company brand value and becomes its online presence.   This gives a front line of protection for your brand value….kind of like, a public relations police for the company.  How the social media manager views the brand and the company itself will definitely become evident, through their work.   How they respond and communicate, on behalf of the company, via social media, is imperative.  A company’s presence is now interpreted through its social media interactions.  Who you choose for a social media manager, sets the tone for the business?  This person runs the overall social media presence and is strongly connected to a company’s brand excellence (or lack thereof), and how it is perceived.  A company brand is directly represented, by its social media manager.  Their job is to distribute goal driven content for search engine optimization.  A social media manager will take an overall brand goal and help it cultivate within all the operational departments of the company, to help translate across various social media platforms.  There are different trending platforms that may serve a company brand more than others.  To understand this, is to understand not only the company brand… but also the customer whom it serves.  Where do the majority of the company’s consumer’s hang out?  What platforms do they choose to hang out in the most?  Having a complete understanding of the company brand and its consumers is key.  This will gives us the marketing authority needed to create virtual brand value for consumers.  We can then generate a virtual platform playground map to begin the development of a strong marketing plan of action.

An invested social media manager has taken the time to understand the detailed marketing of its brand.  In this, you are able to identify trends, value, consumer satisfaction, customer problems and the list goes on and on.  The brand industry becomes a social media manager’s playground.  Listening becomes a major implementation across all departments.  The more people listening, the better.  The social media manager wants everyone to listen for key words on different platforms, in order to be as efficient as possible.  Different departments may be assigned different platforms to listen on.   Each platform has different tools to engage with, making them essential in different areas.  Time is always of the essence, so when everyone is listening, there are better chances of catching any negative conversations before they become damaging.  When a conversation or situation can be caught relatively quickly before it becomes an emergency, this improves the brand value.  If there is a plan in place to prevent a potential catastrophe, the chances of having one lessen.  Emergencies do and will arise.  The question is, will you be ready?   Emergency situations should have a plan that is carried out across social media.  A social media manager will train and implement strategies that can combat damaging emergency situations.  This will help keep unfavorable mentions to a minimum.  The social media manager can then take the negative mentions and develop tactics to gain customer satisfaction.  Detailed information can be transmuted from KPI’s, (Key Performance Indicators) to help fine tune tactics and goals moving forward.

With SE 360 marketing as your social media manager we will not only help prepare you for emergency social media marketing & PR, but also help align social media with your company SMART goals and objectives.  This can be a challenge if you are just entering the world of social media on any level. A social media manager can determine what level you are on and help you adjust. An invested social media manager can diagnose where your company is in the process and have knowledge of all the different platforms available and which is best to use.  This will make things easier when implementing plans and ideas.  A complete analysis will be done of the company brand, product and or services.  A SMART goals and objectives will be constructed for the fiscal year moving forward.  A Virtual Platform Map will be diagramed for implementation of tactics & strategies.  These 3 plans will help us align social media with any company operational plan.

Details like this are only obtained from investment.  You are our investment.  The proof is in the definitive results.





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