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An amazing new beginning for Starr’s Exclusives 360 Marketing Agency

Starr’s Exclusives 360 Marketing Agency was born out of word of mouth. Merissa “Starr” Wilson struggled finding the right designers, developers, and marketers as she created her other businesses. After a few years of struggling, she started on her marketing journey. Merissa, realize she had a greater purpose in helping small businesses tell their own stories. She then created SE360 marketing. She has created a team with more than 50 years combined professional experience with some of the leading designers and developers in the industry. Starr’s Exclusives  digital marketing agency is growing to become among the top leading digital marketing agencies.  Our primary goal is helping our clients build real relationships with their customers.  The key is simple!  We recognize that every business has its own unique story worth telling.  Our mission is to bring your story to life in an engaging and authentic manor.  This will help customers to emotionally connect and engage with your business on a deeper level.  Our strategy will help you to stand out in a crowd and connect to customers.  Our focus on your brand will produce increased awareness and brand loyalty, all leading to long-term growth.  Our proven marketing strategies for your business  will open up new doors to business and opportunities.  At the end of the day, your success is our success. Let us help you tell your story to the right audience and capture the attention your company deserves.  When you win, we win. Starr’s Exclusives 360 marketing is your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs!

We produce definitive results! Some businesses start small and end up amazing! Starr’s Exclusives 360 Marketing is one of them. We are Determined to help small businesses with their marketing strategies and business needs.  Your company brand is our plan.  What sets us apart is our execution and dedication to superior customer services, and most importantly, 100% customer satisfaction. We understand that the success of a business depends not only on the quality of their product and/or service, but also on their brand’s image.  We look into every aspect of your business in order to understand the best plan of action for you, we first research & analyze your business challenges and processes.   Understanding your needs will give us a customized marketing strategy for your particular product and/or service. We then provide you with all-in-one digital marketing solutions, which are tailored to meet your unique business needs.   We can work with your budget, help you increase sales, and boost your online visibility without the hassle.  Social media platform monitoring is another way to optimize business solutions.  We monitor all platforms for complete understanding of your brand movement.  What are consumers and industry leaders saying about your business?  All these things are  very important when developing a strategy.  The plan for success starts with listening to what is being said about you.  We will find out the important details that can help transform your business.  Your customers needs are everything and your customers needs are constantly changing.  We will be there to hear it, understand it, and create success.  Marketing is a very important part of your company’s value, and we represent the value.  It is our pleasure to become the tools you need to help you succeed in a new innovative marketing age.




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